My pastime / Мое времяпрепровождение

I like studying. Each day I learn something new at the university. I like economics, which is my future profession. But student life means also having free time and a lot of fun. That’s what I like my student life for. After classes I have some time to do my home work and relax. The best way to relax is having fun with my friends. I am an easy-going person, but some of my friends say, I am too talkative. I like talking to my friends about our student life and our plans for the future. I often go to a cafe with my best friend. We can spend hours drinking tea or coffee and dis­cussing the latest news at the university.

When I come home, I have a short rest. Then I start calling my friends and making plans for the next day and for the weekend. As dancing is our hobby, we often go to a disco. They say, I am good at it. It is also a chance to meet new people and communicate with them.

On weekends, I sometimes stay at home and listen to my favourite music, which makes me feel happy. I often listen to music with my friends when we organize a party. I like cooking, so when my friends come, there is always something tasty on the table. I know a lot of delicious dishes from Ukrainian and Russian cuisine and every time I try to prepare something new for my friends and family.

Each year I wait for summer holidays. It is a chance to spend more time with family and friends, for travelling and meeting new people, and visiting new places. I love the sea. I can spend hours listening to its sounds and watching its waves. It fills me with peace and hope. After such rest I feel happy and am ready for studying.


a lot of fun — много развлечений, веселья
to relax — расслабляться
easy-going — общительный
talkative — разговорчивый
to communicate — общаться
delicious — изысканный, вкусный
cuisine — кухня
to fill — наполнять

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