My summer holidays / Мои летние каникулы

My name is Sergey. I am a student of the second year of study. I study at the university and want to become a teacher of mathematics. This is not an easy profession and I have to work hard in order to achieve my aim. The best time for me to relax and have fun is summer holidays. My friends consider me to be a very active person. I enjoy sports and travelling. In my summer holidays I often play football or basketball with my friends. It makes me healthier and consolidates our friendship. Sometimes, we go to the river and play volleyball on the beach. Then we relax lying in the sun or swimming in the river.

Most of all I like hiking. It is the cheapest way to see beautiful places, become stronger and make good friends. Many of my friends go hiking with me. We start planning our route long before summer holidays. The best place for me to spend summer holidays is the Crimean Mountains. Their unique nature and climate always bring unforgettable impressions. Of course, this type of travelling is not easy and sometimes dangerous. But I am sure my friends will give me a helping hand in any difficult situation and I am always ready to support them as well.

I have already visited many parts of Ukraine. My motherland is really very beautiful, but I dream about going abroad and seeing the Alps in Germany, Austria or Italy. This is my dream for future and I hope to realize it with my friends.


to consolidate — укреплять
to hike — путешествовать пешком
a route — маршрут
to give a helping hand — помочь

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