Teenage life in Great Britain / Жизнь подростков в Великобритании

In Britain today, more and more young people want to be independent and live apart from their parents. Some go in search of or a more exciting life. Others want to escape from their homes which are overcrowded or unhappy. Some leave home with the help of their parents, whilst others run away. Here is a story about one British young man, named Garry Davis and his way up in the life, away from home.

Garry’s Dad and Mum ed in a fish and chip shop. "Lucky Garry", you might think. But Garry would not agree with you. Garry’s Dad made the best chips in Kettering (central England), so the family decided to move to a seaside town and buy their own chip shop. But one by one, the prices of potatoes, oil and fish all went sky-high. The family moved again. Garry’s parents ed till late every night. It was not a happy time.

Garry left home when he was eighteen. He needed to get away and start life on his own. He had everything he needed — intelligence, a friendly nature, good looks and ambition. He also needed luck, and he had it. He found a good job in the Trustee Savings Bank. ing in a bank is right for Garry. It offers him just what he wanted — a safe future, and a chance of good training.

So far he has done very well indeed. In fact, Garry is a young man on the way to the top. Of course, he has to study hard, and the exams are tough. But he enjoys helping people with their money problems. The ups and downs of his childhood have left their mark on Garry. He has always wanted a happy home of his own. Now, at the age of twenty-five Garry is going to get married. He and Juliet have been friends for five years.

Marriage will bring changes to Garry’s life. No more evenings at the pub with his friends, and fewer coach trips to Liverpool to watch his favourite football team. The Liverpool team has been part of his life for a long time. “They make me proud to be English”he says. “They are the only good thing the English have done.” There are a lot of things in England that worry Garry. “The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer,” he says. "People in the rich south don’t know what it’s like for the northerners. It used to make me angry, now it makes me sad."

But Garry doesn’t feel sad for long. He’s too busy thinking about the flat that he and Juliet will be moving into after that special Saturday in September.


a fish and chip shop — магазин, в котором продают традиционное англ блюдо — жареную рыбу с жареной в масле картошкой (The Oxford Russian Dictionary называет это блюдо «жареная рыба с чипсами»)

prices go sky-high — цены увеличиваются до очень высокого уровня (литературное выражение — до небес)

to start life on one’s own — начать жить самостоятельно

intelligence — ум, интеллект

a safe future — обеспеченное будущее

to be on the way to the top — быть на пути к повышению, к росту (в карьере, в жизни)

the ups and downs — взлеты и падения; победы и поражения

to get married — жениться; выходить замуж

coach trips — экскурсии, поездки

the northerners — жители северной части страны

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