The mass media in Ukraine / Средства массовой информации в Украине

The media in Ukraine are a single public structure. It provides the society with up-to-date detailed information, which concerns political, economical, social, cultural and other important aspects. Their main aim is to influence the general public and form their views and ideals. The freedom of the mass media in Ukraine has become real today. The mass media are free to choose their own ownership, genre, type and periodicity.

To gain freedom and become a single public structure the mass media in Ukraine have to overcome many difficulties in their long history. The beginning of Ukrainian press is considered the "Kharkov Weekly". It was founded in 1812. The newspaper tried to attract people’s attention to the problems of economic, political and cultural life of the country. Then other newspapers in different regions of Ukraine appeared. Giving people complete and accurate information about the latest events in the country and abroad was not an easy task at first. Even today the profession of a journalist is considered to be one of the most dangerous.

At present Ukraine has a large variety of newspapers and magazines. You may find newspapers of all kinds: national and local, official and private, special newspapers for children, teenagers, businessmen, etc. Every newspaper has its readers. Most popular nowadays are business newspapers and women’s magazines.

Then; national radio and television of Ukraine are made up of government-run and non-government radio and TV companies. Ukraine is a member of the International Telecommunication Union. The State TV and Radio Company operates two channels, its programmes specialize in political analysis, current information, sports programmes etc.

Among Ukraine’s information agencies special popularity have the UKRIN-FORM (Ukrainian Information Agency), UNIAN (Ukrainian News Independent Agency), and several others. These agencies have correspondents and reporters throughout the country and abroad. So it is not difficult nowadays to receive information about the most important events in Ukraine and abroad.


a genre — жанр

to attract — привлекать

dangerous — опасный

advertising — реклама

a channel — канал

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