Ukrainian sports / Спорт в Украине

Ukrainian sports are quite well developed and some Ukrainian sportsmen have become world stars. Such names as S. Bubka, Y. Klotchkova, A Shevchenko, K. Serebryanskaya and many others became famous all over the world. They have brought Ukraine fame and now many young Ukrainians want to repeat their results. Nowadays sport gets more and more popular in Ukraine. Among the most popular kinds of sports in Ukraine are football, volleyball, swimming and others. But Ukrainian sports have a long history.

Such kinds of sports as swimming, running, wrestling and others date back to ancient times in Ukraine. The system of military and physical training of Cossacks in Zaporozhye was built on the basis of national games and physical exercises.

First sports organizations were found in the second half of the 19th century. They were not numerous, among them there were aristocratic yachting clubs and also some tennis clubs. The first of them opened in Kiev and in Odessa At the beginning of the century the first athletic clubs appeared. The first was founded as a part of a medical centre. In 1900 there were 196 clubs in Ukraine. The first sports stadiums and centres were built several years later. First sports magazines "Sport", "Beauty and Strength" also appeared at that time.

In 1994 Independent Ukraine sent its national team to the Olympic Games for the first time. At the 17th Winter Games in Lillehammer, young figure skater Oksana Bayul went down into Olympic history, winning the first gold medal for Ukraine. The Olympic victories of sportsmen are quite impressive. Ukraine has won about 200 gold medals. That’s why Ukraine ranks with the world’s 20 leading Olympic countries.

Among the best known team athletes are the Kiev Dynamo soccer players who in 1975 and 1986 took the European Cup Holders’ Cup. The coach of the team was V. Lobanovsky. The Ukrainian school of calisthenics is recognized all over the world. At different periods I. Deriuhina, O. Timoshenko, O. Skaldina, K. Serebryanska, O. Vitrychenko and others won world and European Championship. S. Bubka, this world-famous pole vaulter was the first to receive the title "Master of Sport, International Class". He is the holder of 35 world records.

Nowadays Ukrainian voluntary sports organizations develop different sports programmes, work among young people and children. So, Ukraine will soon have new champions.


military — военный

a coach — тренер

a pole vaulter — спортсмен по прыжкам с шестом

calisthenics — спортивная гимнастика

a title — титул, звание

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