Food - Еда

Топик легкой сложности — Food - Еда

I usually have four meals a day. In the morning I have breakfast. At school I have lunch. At home I have dinner and in the evening I have supper. Besides, I like to eat an apple or a banana, or to drink a glass of juice between meals, if I'm thirsty.

Yesterday I got up at 7 o'clock, washed, cleaned teeth and dressed. Then I had breakfast. I had mashed potatoes with meat, a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea for breakfast. At school we had a pie and a glass of orange juice. I'm always hungry when I come home after school. Yesterday my mother, cooked cabbage soup, roast chicken and rice, made pudding and tea. It was so tasty. I ate everything with pleasure.

For supper we had pancakes with jam and sour cream. These are my favourite things.

My mother thinks that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. That's why she buys fruit and vegetables every day. Yesterday she bought oranges and kiwi. I have a sweet tooth and my parents often buy me ice-cream, sweets, chocolate, cakes, cookies and other tasty things. I like them very much.

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