The English Year — Английский Год

Though there are four seasons and twelve months in the English year, it differs from our year.

The first difference is in the number of months in spring, summer, winter and autumn. There are only two spring months in Great Britain. They are March and April. But there are four summer months. Summer begins in May. Then June, July and August come. Autumn months are September and October. Winter begins in November and lasts four months: November, December, January and February. So there are two months in spring and autumn and four months in summer and winter.

The weather is also different. It is warmer in Great Britain than in our country. It seldom snows but it often rains. The weather is changeable.

The Englishmen celebrate different holidays. Their favourite holidays are Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, April Fool’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day and Halloween. They have a lot of fun then.

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