I’m going to Orlando / Я собираюсь в Орландо

Tim: Hi. Alice. How are you doing?

Alice: Hello, Tim I’m doing great. How are you?

Tim: I am doing very, very well. Can you imagine, in two days I’m going to Orlando!

Alice: Orlando? What is it? A town or a park?

Tim: Oh, Alice. Don’t tell me you know nothing about Orlando in Florida.

Alice: I have never heard of this place. Tell me a few words about it, please.

Tim: Ok. I’ve been to Orlando two times already. This summer is my third visit there. I think this is the coolest place to go to in summer, in winter- all the year round.

Alice: What is it famous for?

Tim: There you can go to Kennedy Space Center. You can enjoy a magical world of Walt Disney’s. And if you are not afraid of sharks or killer whales, you may see them in the underwater circus in SeaWorld.

Alice: That is so great. I’d love to go to Orlando next summer, because this summer I’m going to Chicago for 2 days.

Tim: Will you take pictures of the places you are going to visit?

Alice: Yes, I will. Will you?

Tim: I’m sure, I will. Well, it was great seeing you here. Have a nice trip to Chicago.

Alice: I was glad to see you, too. Have a safe trip to Orlando. See you later.

Tim: Bye