The mass media / СМИ

— Hello, Alyona!

— Hello, Olya!

— You often read this magazine "Around the World"!

— Yes, I think it is one of the best in Ukraine.

— Why do you think so?

— This magazine is full of amazing and funny facts and interesting pictures

— Is it connected with world news?

— No, its main aim is to entertain. I think it is the best one. I often recommend it to my friends. If you read it once, you’ll buy it every week.

— Thank you. I read such magazines sometimes, but I like serious information more.

— And what do like to read?

— I like to read newspapers and watch TV programmes that pay attention to the most burning problems of the society. Among them may be problems in health care, culture or politics. "Svoboda Slova" is one of my favourite programmes.

— I think I will watch it too.

— I am sure you will never regret.