Shrove Tuesday / Масленица

— Hello, Masha!

— Nice to see you, Vadim!

— I haven’t seen you for ages! Where have you been?

— I visited my relatives in Great Britain.

— Great! What did you like the most of all?

— Holidays, of course. They brought me a lot of fun. My favourite holiday was Shrove Tuesday.

— I have never heard of it.

— Well, it is really a joyful holiday. It is the day of pancakes.

— Oh, I also like the pancakes. Now I understand.

— Everyone knows that pancakes are tasty, but do you know that in England on Shrove Thursday, people fight for a pancake?

— Fight for a pancake?

— Yes, the pancake is tossed into the air and the one who has the biggest piece of it, is the winner.

— That is really a very funny tradition!

— I also liked the pancake race. We organized it at home. My granny won.

— Did you try as well?

— Yes, but I think I need more training!

— Well, you could win next year!