Trip to the UK / Поездка в Великобританию

Ronny: Well, Daniel, what do you want to see in the UK?

Daniel: First of all, I want to go to London and see Big Ben there. Then, I’d like to go to Scotland and hear the Scottish music there. Later, I’d be happy to go to Dublin (Ireland) and walk its beautiful streets. What about you?

Ronny: I heard many stories about Wales and the castles there. I’d love to go to one of them and take many pictures of the castle, the landscape and, maybe, the people, if I meet some.

Daniel: That will be wonderful, if we got to Great Britain to visit the places we once heard of or read about! I’m so excited about our coming trip.

Ronny: I’ve got an idea! Why don’t we take some books on geography of the United Kingdom and choose the best 5 places to go to?

Daniel: I agree with you. I think, I have some books at home. I can bring them to your place tonight.

Ronny: Great! And if we don’t find the information we need, we’ll go to the library tomorrow.

Daniel: Sounds like a plan. Let’s meet at your place tonight at 6 pm.

Ronny: Ok. I’ll see you later, then.

Daniel: Bye for now.