Grigoriy Skovoroda / Григорий Сковорода

— Hello, Dima!

— Nice to see you, Yura!

— What are you reading?

— This is one of the books by Grigoriy Skovoroda. Have you read his books? No, but I have heard a lot about him. I know it is difficult to understand his


— I do not think so. He was a philosopher. His main task was to show the way to happiness.

— I think, it is not an easy task.

— Well, you will not find direct answers to your questions in his dialogues, letters and poetry. But what he writes is very interesting and may help you to solve some of your problems.

— Really? I think, I will read some of his works.

— I am sure, you will enjoy it. His works are famous all over the world!