In the British Museum / В Британском музее

—           Dear guests! We are now in the British museum. Everything you see here is connected with the Anglo-Saxons. They came to England in the 5th century.

—           I know, they were the Germanic tribes, together with the Jutes. So they came from Germany. Is that right?

—           The Jutes and the Angles came from southern Denmark and the Saxons from the territory of northern Germany.

—           Oh, they were quite different peoples!

—           Yes, but they were very close to each other in speech and customs. So they gradually became one nation. The name Jute soon disappeared and now we call all of them as the Anglo-Saxons.

—           It is very interesting. Did they build as many towns as the Romans did?

—           The Anglo-Saxons settled mainly in small villages. They consisted of about 20—30 families.

—           Did they have the leader?

—           Yes, and they were very faithful to him.

—           So, the leader solved all the problems.

—           Not exactly. The local rules were made by the «moot». The «moot» was a small meeting on a grassy hill or under a tree.

—           What did they discuss?

—           Different problems of their life, for example, how to share a grass field.

—           Thank you very much for the interesting information.

—           You are welcome!