Student life / Студенческая жизнь

Ann: Hi, George! I haven’t seen you for ages! How are you these days?

George: Oh, hi, Ann! I’m so glad to see you. How are you?

Ann: Fine, thanks.

George: Well, as for me, I’m working hard on my exams these days. I don’t leave my house in the evening, for I want to spend more time on the exams at the university and get better results, than last time.

Ann: I see. Yeah, exams play an important role in student’s life. I understand your desire to get better results now, for they will help you in future. That’s important, for sure.

George: Yes, thank you. What about you? What are you doing these days?

Ann: Me I am studying for the finals at college. They are in May and I have so much to do. I’d love to spend more time outside with my friend’ But that is impossible for me now.

George: Yes, you are right. It’s better to sit at home and study for the exams now, than spend your time in the coffee bars and discos. There will be plenty of time for that later.

Ann: Exactly! This is what I say to myself when I feel tired or lazy to do some more reading that I need.

George: You know, good results may get us better jobs in future.

Ann: Let’s hope for that.

George: Right you are. It was nice seeing you here.

Ann: Me, too. Have a nice day!

George: Thank you! See you soon.