Visiting Kiev / Киев

Hello, Tanya!

Nice to see you. Marina! What are you doing in Kiev?

I would like to visit the State Historical Museum.

Great! There are more than 50,000 exhibits there! You should have a lot of time to see everything!

I am fond of history. I know that Kiev is an ancient town. In 2007 it became 1525 years old.

Really! But the city looks so young!

I think, that’s because of the green trees and flowers. Kiev is often called «a garden city».

And because of the Dnieper. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe It makes the city charming.

I agree with you. I see many foreign tourists in the city, every time I come here.

Well, not all of them are tourists. A lot of foreigners come to Kiev on business. The capital is also the centre or the political and industrial life of the country.

I know that. It is also an important centre of scientific research. Here the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences is situated. There are also more than 1300 libraries in the city!

And also 20 museums, 41 theatres and 121 parks!

Kiev is worth seeing!

I agree with you! Have a nice day in the museum!

Thank you!