We Are Volunteers / Мы добровольцы

— Hello, Tanya!

— Hello, Vadim!

— I often notice that you stay after classes at the university. What do you do?

— Well I work as a volunteer. There are several students from our university, who are members of the organization "From Heart to Heart". We sometimes stay after classes in order to discuss our work.

— And what’s the main aim of the organization?

— The main aim is to help other people.

— So what do you do?

— We visit elderly people of our city, help them to solve their problems and communicate with them.

— But you do not receive money for your work.

— We are very glad to help them. We do not work for money. Nowadays many young people work as volunteers. It is very interesting.

— I also have thought about it. May I go next time with you? Of course! I will be glad it you like our work.