Weekend Plans / Планы на выходные

Greg: Hi, Mike. I’m glad I ran into you.

Mike: Why? What’s up?

Greg: How do you like the idea of going to Washington D.C. this weekend?

Mike: All weekend?

Greg: Well, if you can’t on Saturday, we shall go on Sunday.

Mike: Ok, that’s better. I promised to help my sister move on Saturday.

Greg: Cool. Sunday, then.

Mike: Yes, let’s go on Sunday. And where in D.C. are we going to be?

Greg: My cousin from Washington invited you and me to visit him. He said we can go to some museums and see the Capitol also.

Mike: How exciting! I’ve heard a lot about the Capitol, but I have not seen it myself.

Greg: I was there only once. I want to spend more time looking around.

Mike: Great. Sunday is the Capitol day. I’ll call you Saturday night.

Greg: That will be wonderful. I will get to know the details of our trip by Sat.

Mike: Thank you, Greg. Until Saturday night.

Greg: So long. Have a good day.