The manager and the president of a football club / Менеджер и президент футбольного клуба

President: Next year is going to be difficult, isn’t it?

Manager: Yes. If I could, I’d like to buy some new players.

President: The problem is, we’re a small club and we don’t have a lot of money, do we?

Manager: I know. But if you had given me just a few million pounds, we wouldn’t have lost so many matches And we’d be a bigger club now, wouldn’t we?

President: But money doesn’t buy success, does it?

Manager: No but it helps to be successful. If we had two or three new players, we would finish in a good position.

President: You can’t be sure, can you?

Manager: No, but if we were, we could make more money and you would get your money back.

President: I’ll see what I can do.