Let’s Watch TV on a Rainy Day! / Давайте смотреть телевизор

— Good morning, Sir! My name is Oleg. I am your new neighbour.

— Good morning, Oleg! I am Alex. It is your first weekend in London?

— Yes, and unfortunately it is rather wet today. I really do not know what to do.

— When the weather is wet, I always watch TV. It is one of the most popular hobbies in Britain.

— Is that because of the weather?

— Well, perhaps. But many people often watch TV when the weather is fine.

— I know British TV was the first in the world.

— It is true The first TV company was the British Broadcasting Corporation.

— The BBC. I know it is still very popular.

— I often watch it. It gives complete and accurate information about the latest news in the world and in Britain.

— I have heard it offers its programmes mainly to women and children

— It has a lot of different channels. Everyone may choose something to their own taste

— What do usually watch young people like you?

— I think sport and entertainment programmes are especially popular among young people.

— Entertainment programmes usually have many advertising intervals.

— Advertising is excluded from the BBC programmes.

— That’s great!

— Yes. I hate advertising. It sometimes spoils the programme.

— I agree with you. O.K. I will watch the BBC today

— Have a nice day!