A Sports Talk / Разговор про спорт

Julia: Suzanne, I know that you’ve been doing sports for a very long time.

Suzanne: Yes, that’s true. I’ve been doing sports since my early childhood.

Julia: What sports do you love best of all?

Suzanne: I love many kinds of sports, but best of all — skiing. I first skied when I was six years old and lived in Canada.

Julia: What happened afterwards?

Suzanne: Then, for many years I wasn’t able to ski again, because my parents were constantly moving to hot places on the planet. They used to be doctors for the Red Cross Organization.

Julia: That’s interesting. And now you all are living in the States. Where do you ski here?

Suzanne: I ski from time to time in some local skiing centers. But the best place on earth I love to ski in is the Alps, particularly in France.

Julia: What attracts you most in skiing?

Suzanne: One of the wonderful things about skiing for me is the light and the brilliant sunshine that you find high, high up in the mountains.

Julia: Oh, I bet this is awesome.

Suzanne: It is. It enchants me for many days ahead and I feel like a bird after my mountain practice.  

Julia: Well, thank you, Suzanne. It’s been great talking to you. I believe there are some more fabulous stories for you to share with me.

Suzanne: Yes, you are right. There are lots of them. Thank you for this talk. I’ll see you soon.

Julia: See you, bye.