A journalist is interviewing / Журналист берет интервью

Journalist: What’s your job, Mr. Hopkins?

Mr. Hopkins: I am a writer.

Journalist: That’s exciting. What sort of thing are you writing?

Mr. Hookins: Well, articles for newspapers and magazines, film reviews, you know sometimes, fiction, poems and short stories.

Journalist: Do you think it is a very demanding job?

Mr. Hopkins: I think, yes and no. It’s very comfortable to work at home and I can choose when it’s best time to work. However, I work long hours at home, usually ten hours a day. And sometimes, it is very lonely, sitting in front of a typewriter.

Journalist: What are you working on at the moment?

Mr. Hopkins: At the moment I’m doing something different from my usual work. I’m writing a biography of John Lennon, one of the Beatles.

Journalist: So I suppose you are spending a lot of time listening to their music.

Mr. Hopkins: Right. I have to listen to one song several times to understand Johns style of music writing. Besides, I’m working with some papers of the Beatles that Ringo Star and Paul McCartney have given me. I’ve met with them recently and we had a nice time together in one polo club.

Journalist: I sec. Thank you, Mr. Hopkins. That’s very interesting. Good luck with the book.

Mr. Hopkins: You are welcome. Thank you.