Coincidences / Совпадения

Greg: Excuse me. Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

Julia: No, I don’t think so.

Greg: But your face is so familiar. Wait a second… I know… We were at the same art exhibition of Matthew Barney’s works in New York last month.

Julia: Oh, yes. Now I remember. What a coincidence to meet you in Wichita!

Greg: Well, you know what they say — it’s a small world.

Julia: Right. So what do you think of Barney’s Cremaster?

Greg: I adore this work. I think this is a superficially new type of art. And Matthew has his word in it. What about you? Did you like this work?

Julia: It was really impressive. He’s done a great job, indeed.

Greg: Well, it was nice seeing you here. Have a nice time in Wichita.

Julia: Thanks, you too.