The First Visit to the Capital / Первый визит в столицу

— Hello, Marina!

— Nice to see you, Olya! What are you doing in Kiev?

— I came to see the famous Khreshchatic and other places of historical interest in Kiev. It is my first visit to the capital.

— Really? Then you have to start with the main street of the city There is much to see there. Especially beautiful are the trees in blossom.

— Yes, Kiev is really a garden city. I know there are 121 parks in the capital.

— It is an amazing fact, but only one seventh of Kiev’s territory is occupied by buildings!

— And the buildings in Kiev are also very beautiful! I have already seen some ancient buildings on my way to you.

— Kiev is an ancient city. It has always been a centre of religious and cultural life. Would you like to visit one of Kiev’s famous theatres?

— With pleasure. I know there are more than 40 theatres in the city. I really do not know which one to choose!

— I think we may go to the National Opera. That’s one of my favourite theatres.

— Thanks a lot. Today I will learn a lot about our beautiful capital.

— Have a nice day in Kiev!