A Phone Conversation / Телефонный разговор

Tom: Hello. I’m calling from McCarthy’s. I helped you when you were here looking at watches the other day.

Customer: Yes?

Tom: I think I have found something of yours. Have you lost anything?

Customer: Not that I have noticed. No, nothing seems to be missing.

Tom: Well, you left your credit card on one of the counters at our store.

Customer: Really? Oh, my goodness. I thought it’s been stolen. I’m so much grateful to you for calling me.

Tom: Thank you. It happens quite often. How can I return your credit card?

Customer: I’ll stop by your store tonight. What time do you work tonight at?

Tom: Let’s see. Today is Monday. I’m working the night shift. That’s till 11 pm.

Customer: Thanks Heaven! I’ll be definitely in your store tonight. I do appreciate you unimaginable care for the shoppers of your store.

Tom: You are welcome. Come at any convenient for you time.

Customer: Thank you, indeed. See you soon.

Tom: Good-bye.