At an American Airline Office / В американской авиакомпании

Rach: Hi, I’d like to get information about the flights this week?

Office Manager: Good afternoon. What flights are you interested in?

Rach: What flights are there from Boston to Chicago this week?

Office Manager: If you’d like to take a seat, I’ll find out for you.

Rach: I’d like to travel business class, please.

Office Manager: American United, Flight 677 takes off from Boston International at 12 pm and flies directly to Chicago.

Rach: What time should I be at the airport?

Office Manager: To be on the safe side, you’d better be there at 10 am. Do you know exactly when you would like to fly to Chicago? The flights are every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Rach: I’d like to fly on Thursday.

Office Manager: Very good. Will it be a round trip ticket?

Rach: Yes, I’d like to stay in Chicago for two weeks. From April the 1st till the 15th. It should be just perfect.

Office Manager: Great. You will have to pay $450 for the round trip.

Rach: Wonderful. Here you are. Thank you for the brilliant service.

Office Manager: You are always welcome.

Rach: Good bye. Have a good day.

Office Manager: Thank you. Have a nice day.