At the Ticket Booth / В билетной будке

Jane: Good afternoon, sir!

Clerk: Good afternoon, miss. How can I help you?

Jane: I’d like to take my university friend to one of the plays on Broadway. Could you tell me what plays are on these days?

Clerk: May I ask what type of play you and your friend would like to watch?

Jane: I’m sorry, I didn’t know there are certain types of the plays on Broadway. Could you tell me what those are?

Clerk: Ok. There are actually three types of the plays on Broadway: Broadway plays. Off Broadway plays and Off-off Broadway plays. Broadway plays are the most spectacular and the ticket cost ranges from $75 to $130.

Jane: Oh, that’s too expensive for us. What about the rest ones?

Clerk: Off-Broadway plays are also great, they are staged though in other theaters, scattered around Manhattan. The ticket price is $20 and $50.

Jane: That sounds good. And what about Off-off-Broadway plays? Are they the cheapest in quality and price?

Clerk: Well, yes. However, a lot of people watch these plays and have never spoken a word of complaint

Jane: Thank you for the info. I shall stop on Off-Broadway plays. Do you sell Broadway Theater Guides?

Clerk: Yes, we do. Here is one for you. You may take it for free. You should only be quick with getting the tickets. That’s my tip.

Jane: Thanks a million. My friend and I will be at your booth tomorrow in the morning.

Clerk: You’d better hurry up!

Jane: We’ll come tomorrow, for sure.

Clerk: Have a nice day!

Jane: Thank you. So long!