Home Schooling Practice: Phoning the Landlord / Домашнее обучение практики: Звонок хозяину дома

Helen: Hi, dad. It’s Helen.

Dad: Hello, my dear. How are you?

Helen: Studying hard as ever, dad. Can I ask you something as our landlord?

Dad: Go ahead, Helen.

Helen: Our lease says that we’re not allowed animals in the flat. Well, is there a way that we could get around that? You see, my friend found this kitten and everyone really wants to keep her.

Dad: You have a cat in my flat? Oh, Helen, why can’t you ever obey the rules?

Helen: Oh, dad! Please, won’t you bend them for me?

Dad: Well…

Helen: Please!

Dad: Just this once.

Helen: Thank you! I love you dad. I’ll come over tomorrow. Good-bye.

Dad: Bye, sweetheart. Be a good girl!