Visiting London / Визит в Лондон

— Excuse me, Sir! How can I come to the City? I have heard it is the heart of London.

— The City starts right there. It is the oldest part of London. Among its first historic buildings is the Tower of London, built in 1087.

— I know there is much to see there.

— Close by the Tower of London is St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is the greatest of English churches. Its architect was Christopher Wren. It was his greatest work. The building went on for 35 year

— I would like to see its frescoes and I know the view of London from its top is impressive.

— It is really so. I would advise you to visit Westminster. It is another central and important part of London. Here Westminster Palace is located. It is famous for the Houses of Parliament. It is the seat of the British Parliament.

— May I go inside the Houses of Parliament?

— Yes, the Houses of Parliament can be visited by the public. The frescoes walls are valuable and very interesting. It is one of the oldest buildings in London. The сity has many other attractions. I wish you an unforgettable stay here.

— Thank you very much!