Visiting Birmingham / Визит в Бирмингем

— Good morning sir!

— Good morning!

— May I ask you a question?

— Yes of course.

— Do you know this city well?

— Birmingham is my native city. Are you a tourist?

— Yes I have come here for a couple of days and would like to see its places of historical interest.

— There are a lot of them. I would advise you to start with the city’s museum and art gallery. It has some of the finest examples of pre-Raphaelite painting, with works by Burne-Jones and William Morris.

— Great! I have recently visited the Science Museum in London. I know there is also one in your city.

— The Science Museum in Birmingham is also very interesting. It houses the earliest English locomotive that was built in 1784.

— I will go there today. Is there also a library in the city?

— Birmingham’s ultra-modern library is one of the largest and best stocked in Europe . It includes the Shakespeare Memorial Library with 40,000 books in 90 languages.

— Where can I go shopping?

— The air-conditioned New Street Shopping Centre is magnet for those who would like to go shopping in the city.

— Thank you very much for the information.

— Have a nice stay in the city.