A Tourist in Kiev / Турист в Киеве

— Good morning! I am sorry, how can I get to the city centre?

— Good morning! You are on the right way. Soon you will see the monument to Bohdan Khmelnitsky.

— Thank you! That’s what I wanted to see first in your capital.

— Are you not from Ukraine?

— No, I am from Germany. I have heard a lot about places of historical interest in Kiev, but the city is so big that I am really at a loss. I would like to start with the city centre and then visit several museums. I am sure there should be very many museums in such a big city. Which are the most interesting?

— As for me, I like the Historical Museum, Museum of Ukraine’s Literature, Western and Eastern Art Museum, Museum of Kiev’s History, Museum of Historical Treasures, the Memorial Complex of the Great Patriotic War.

— Thank you, thank you. I think that’s enough for the first day. Is there any park to have a short rest?

— You may choose one of more than a hundred parks of the city.

— Oh now I see why Kiev is called "a garden city".

— Yes our city is really green, and very friendly. Have a nice day in Kiev!

— Thank you very much!