Duty Free Shopping / Магазины беспошлинной торговли

Saleslady: Can I help you?

Jill: Yes, I’m looking for a pair of red gloves. I think I wear size 6.

Saleslady: The red gloves are on this shelf. Let’s see… here is size 6. These are very nice, and they are washable too.

Jill: Oh, may I try them on? Hmm… they seem to fit. How much are they?

Saleslady: Five dollars.

Jill: All right. I’ll take them.

Saleslady: May I see you international boarding pass?

Jill: Sure. Here you are.

Saleslady: Thank you.

Jill: The gloves are wonderful. Thanks for your help.

Saleslady: You are welcome. Have a safe flight.