Discussing the Weather / Обсуждаем погоду

Pete: It’s good to see the sun again.

Rob: Yes, nice and bright morning.

Pete: A big improvement of what we’ve been having recently.

Rob: Right you are. Much better than yesterday.

Pete: Apparently, it’s going to turn colder.

Rob: The weatherman told this morning that the wind might get up later.

Pete: I don’t think it’ll be cold for a long time. Do you?

Rob: I don’t think either. Although cold weather is always better for me than rainy weather. Let’s hope it keeps fine for the rest of this day and maybe the weekend.

Pete: I am with you on it, bro. Why don’t we call on Tom? He might be at home or in the gym.

Rob: Let me find his phone number. I’ll call and ask him where we shall go together today.

Pete Ok. Please, let me know after you speak to Tom.

Rob: Right. I’ll tell you in a moment.

Pete: Go for the phone call.