Easter / Пасха

— Hello, Olya!

— Hello. Vadim!

— In several days we will celebrate Easter! How do you get prepared for the holiday?

— I am a believer. I eat dishes before the holiday.

— This week is called the White or Pure Week. Among the traditions is cleaning a house and cooking traditional Easter bread "paska"

— Yes, it is also the time to stop and think about our life and what could be done to make ourselves better.

— I think a lot about it during the week before the holiday. It helps me to solve some of my problems.

— That’s great! Will you go to the church on the "Pure" Thursday?

— Yes, it is one of my favourite traditions of this holiday. I always return home with a lighted candle. I consider it to be one of the most beautiful traditions.

— I think, a lighted candle is a symbol of life. People believe, this candle will protect them during the year.

— So, see you on the "Pure" Thursday.

— See you!