Ukrainian Sportsmen / Украинские спортсмены

— Hello, Dima!

— Hello, Vadim!

— You know, I have just watched a TV programme about the history of Ukrainian sports. I have heard a lot of amazing facts there!

— I do not think there is much amazing in Ukrainian sports. We are still a very young country.

— Yes, out we have a lot of young and talented athletes. By the way, when Ukraine participated in the Olympic Games for the first time as an independent country, a young Ukrainian figure skater Oksana Bayul brougnt Ukraine the first gold medal.

— I know that. As for me, I am fond of football. Unfortunately, our team does not have the European Holders’ Cup.

— But we had it twice, in 1975 and in 1986! I am sure other football victories are still waiting for us. We have famous football players, A. Shevchenko, for example.

— That’s true. I am also proud of Y. Klotchkova, a famous world champion. She has several world records.

— I know one more Ukrainian sportsman, who has 35 world records.

— Who is he?

— S. Bubka. And I am sure he is not the last one.

— You know, I agree with you!