In a Restaurant / В ресторане

Waiter: Good evening, sir and madam. Shall I take your coats?

Mr. Adams: Thank you. Where shall we sit, Barbara?

Waiter: Oh, would you like to sit over here, sir? Near the window?

Mr. Adams: Ah, yes… Could we see the menu?

Waiter: Certainly. Here it is.

Mr. Adams: Do you fancy a starter?


Mrs. Adams: Mmm… I think I’ll have the prawn cocktail. I’m very fond of prawns. What about you?

Mr. Adams: I’m not sure… I can’t decide.

Mrs. Adams: Oh. I’d have the trout, if I were you. You always say that you like trout, and you haven’t had it for a long time.

Waiter: Are you ready to order yet, sir?

Mr. Adams: Yes, a prawn cocktail for my wife, and the trout for me.

Waiter: And the main course, sir?

Mr. Adams: Veal for my wife.

Waiter: It’s the specialty of the house. What would you like with your veal?

Mr. Adams: Two mixed salads, please.

Waiter: Any vegetables, sir?

Mr. Adams: Yes, some cauliflower and some boiled potatoes, please.

Waiter: Anything to follow?

Mr. Adams: Can we order it later?

Waiter: Of course, sir!