An Unforgettable Visit to Ukraine / Незабываемый визит в Украину

— Hello, Ann! How has your journey to Ukraine been?

— Hello, Nick! Oh, that’s been wonderful. The country is really picturesque! There are seas, lakes, mountains, steppes and valleys.

— What is the country like?

— Oh, each part of the country, each town has a charm of their own. Old traditions, culture and nature contribute to it greatly.

— Did you visit all the districts of Ukraine? Which is the most beautiful? They are all different. The Eastern Ukraine is flat and famous mainly for its old and new industries. The Western Ukraine is mountainous and attracts a lot of tourists each year.

— I’ve heard a lot about the beauty of the Carpathians. They say, in some places the snow doesn’t melt even in summer.

— Yes, the highest point of the Carpathians is 2061m and it is called Hoverla. But what I liked most there, are the people. They are very hospitable. We took part in some old traditions and rituals. The traditional multi-coloured dresses, so and the Ukrainian cuisine made our visit unforgettable for us.

— Did you visit the capital of Ukraine — Kiev?

— Yes, the Dnieper, ancient buildings, monuments and museums, as well as parks make the city beautiful and attractive. I hope to visit Ukraine once again!

— Next time I’ll go with you!