Taras Shevchenko / Тараса Шевченко

— Hello, Tanya!

— Hello, Dima!

— What are you reading?

— It is an article on the history of Ukrainian painting.

— Oh, what beautiful landscapes! Who painted them?

— You certainly know his name. He is the father of the Ukrainian modern painting.

— Is that T. Shevchenko? It is the first time I’ve seen his works.

— They are very beautiful! I like them too. T. Shevchenko dedicated his life to Ukraine. He was not only a painter but also a talented poet!

— He loved Ukraine and though he spent a lot of time in Russia, he dedicated his paintings and writings to his motherland.

— Thanks to him we can see that our landscapes have always been very beautiful!

— He has a lot of followers. I know many young painters, who dedicated their lives to Ukraine, its nature and people.

— I am sure the world will soon hear about them!