Animals in South America

South America is famous for its wild animals. There are many kinds. We saw some of them. We drove to the jungle in the north of Brazil. We were really lucky. We walked very quietly and we saw a jaguar. It is a kind of South American cheetah. It was beautiful and very fast. I was really scared. I think Jaguars like eating hedgehogs!

Then we went by boat up the Amazon river in the east of Brazil. It is the biggest river in South America. We saw alligators there. They were three metres long, fast and have big teeth! They are like crocodiles. We didn’t stay there long. We didn’t know. Maybe alligators like eating hedgehogs too!

In Brazil we took a helicopter to the desert. There we met an unusual animal: an armadillo. Armadillos aren’t very big but they are very strong. They have got a ‘house’ on their backs like a tortoise. Armadillos don’t eat hedgehogs — they eat insects!

The last animal we saw in the forest in Brazil was a vampire bat. It was small and slow but … Heeeeelp! Do you know the story of Dracula? He met a vampire bat. It drank his blood. We didn’t stay long in that forest!

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