Dear Friend

I’m really interested in astronomy and space — I want to become an astronaut. When I was in London some weeks ago, I had the best day in my life. I met Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut. She gave a talk in London. After the talk my mum asked the steward and he allowed me to meet Helen Sharman. She was really nice and I got her autograph. When I went home, I wrote a letter to her. I hope to get her answer soon. Love Jenny Austin

Helen Sharman:

When I was five I knew about astronomy. When I was 11  I wanted to become an astronaut. After school I went into the army and studied astrophysics. Before I became an astronaut I worked at NASA. And then one day they told me they wanted me to go into space. My dream came true. They chose me for ‘Challenger 3’.

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