What you did yesterday?

Gerry’s story

When I was 11 we moved to a big house in East Anglia. It had a large garden. We had a gardener, he lived in a small house at the end of the garden. I watched him and talked to him a lot. I knew a lot about gardening after this. One summer when I was still at school I took a job at a garden centre. I knew the names of the plants and could give people advice. After school I went to university. It was awful. After a term I wanted to come back and I work in the garden centre again. My parents were very angry. They didn’t I speak to me for some months. But I knew I was right.

Gerry mother’s story

Gerry’s father and I were very happy when he went to Oxford. We wanted him to be an architect. But when he came back we were very, very angry. Gerry’s father didn’t allow him into the house. We didn’t speak to him for some months. But now we see he is very happy.

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