New Zealand

Dear Laura

Thanks for your letter. I was very happy to read that you want to have a holiday in New Zealand. Here is what we can do. You can arrive on Sunday 29 December. Dick can meet you at Wellington air­port in the south of North Island. Wellington is the capital, so there are a lot of things to do. You can stay with us in Wellington for two days. Then we can get the ferry to South Island and visit the Southern Alps. They are big mountains near the west coast of South Island. We can walk and climb there. The air is fresh and clean. Mount Cook is very high: 3,763 metres. You can see the Tasman Sea to the west of South Island and the Pacific Ocean to the east. Then on Thursday we can fly back to North Island and go to Lake Taupo. It’s a really good place for fishing and relaxing. On Friday we can go north to Rotorua. It’s a wonderful place with natural hot mud and hot lakes. Just one thing it smells really bad (like bad eggs) because of the sulphur! Near Rotorua, we can meet Maori people, eat some typical Maori food and watch traditional Maori dancing. Let me know if you like my plan. Love Susan

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