Inventions help people to improve the way they live. Some people invent to make money; others make up something to satisfy their needs. Here are interesting facts about some inventors and their inventions.

The Earl of Sandwich was an English nobleman of the 1700s who liked to play card games so much that he didn’t want to spend time eating. He decided to combine eating with playing. He ordered his servant to bring him a new meal that made him famous: two slices of bread with a piece of roast meat between them. We call them sandwiches now.

Another great invention that helped and still helps blind people is Braille. It is a system of small raised dots on paper that can be read by hand. Louis Braille who invented it lost his eyesight when he was three years old. He was 15 when he developed this system. He got this idea from the system of messages that soldiers read at night without light

To create an invention, a person needs good knowledge, materials, the ability to see the key idea and good luck. A good example of this is the periodic table in chemistry, developed by Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian. He had worked on the arrangement of chemical elements for a long time before he saw it in his sleep.

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