Television has many advantages and disadvantages. First the advantages: it keeps us informed about the latest news. You don’t have to buy a newspaper to know about the current news or weather forecast. Secondly, television provides entertainment in the home; you can watch a movie that you like without going to the cinema, or you can enjoy various music channels when you come back home tired. Besides this, it helps us to know more about the world, the people that live in it, and the cultures that they represent. All of these widen people’s outlook. On the other hand, television has been blamed for the violent behaviour of some young people. The violent movies that are shown on TV affect teenagers badly. In addition, television encourages children to sit indoors, instead of taking exercise. Research shows that in the past two decades, children’s interest in reading has decreased by 45%. Some people believe that television has killed the art of conversation.

In conclusion, we can say that television has both good and bad features. One thing is sure, it has definitely brought changes to our lives.

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