An episode from the history of Ukraine / Эпизод из истории Украины

Ukraine has a long history. Different episodes from the history of Ukraine expressed its wish to live independently. For a long time Ukraine had been a part of Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Austria. Till 1991 it had been a part of the Soviet Union. Since then Ukraine has been an independent state. In my opinion one of the greatest events in the history of our country was May 9.1945, which entered the history of mankind as the Great Victory Day over the fascist Germany. During the Great Patriotic War people mobilized all the forces for the struggle against the enemy. The country lived with the appeal: «Everything for the Victory!» The front was supported by the partisan movement. In 1941 the enemy gained control of Kiev. The fascists destroyed its buildings and monuments. The main street Kreshchatic lay in ruins. But Ukrainian people began the war of resistance and did not give in. At the beginning of November 1943 the enemy was driven out from the Ukrainian capital. The turning point in the war was the battle near Stalingrad in winter 1942—1943. Then victorious battles on the Dnieper, in Belorus’, Moldova and in Ukraine followed. The Great Patriotic War against the fascist Germany ended in Berlin on May 9, 1945.


express — выражать

independently — независимо

mankind — человечество

 appeal — девиз

resistance — сопротивление

to give in — сдаваться

the turning point — переломный момент

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