Education in Ukraine / Образование в Украине

Education plays a very important role in our life. It may reveal our abilities and help to choose the right occupation in life. It also influences the formation of the personality. We often remember our teachers for decades.

The system of education in Ukraine includes secondary and higher education. The system of secondary education in Ukraine includes primary junior and senior secondary forms. Children usually start to go to school at the age of 6 or 7. Primary forms are 1—4 forms. Junior secondary forms are 5—9 forms. After the 9th form children may enter technical schools or colleges of different types. After the 11—12 forms children may enter higher educational institutions. Those who graduate from a technical school or a college may also study further at a higher educational institution.

The system of higher education includes universities, academies, institutes and conservatories. They usually offer a five-year course of study. Nowadays a new system of training is introduced: Bachelor of Arts — B. A. and Master of Arts — M. A. When students receive their diploma, they may study further. Post-graduate education and scientific research work are not very popular now among young people. But in some fields of science there are outstanding research papers and discoveries.


a decade — десятилетие

secondary and higher education — среднее и высшее образование

primary forms — младшие классы

junior secondary forms — средние классы

senior secondary forms — старшие классы

a higher educational institution — высшее учебное заведение

post-graduate education — аспирантура

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