At the Seaside / На побережье

If you are going to stay in England for some time you ought to spend at least a week at the seaside. If you can stay longer, so much the better. You will have no difficulty in finding a suitable hotel or a boarding house.

Let us go to the English seaside and watch the holiday-makers who are enjoying their rest there. You can see a lot of people in the bathing suits. They are lying in the sun or swimming. Some of them look rather sunburnt. People like swimming because a swim an hour a day will do a lot of good. If you bathe every day you’ll be very healthy and strong.

Children are also enjoying their holidays at the seaside. They are playing on the beach, making castles and channels in the sand. Young people are sailing and we can see some yachts far away.

Holidays at the seaside are useful and wonderful. When you are tired of the city life go down to the sea for a week or a fortnight. Take your car with you if you’ve got one, choose a good hotel and you are sure to spend an enjoyable time.

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