The British monarchy / Британская монархия

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The British have had a monarchy for over a thousand years. The relationship between the monarch and the people has suffered some serious crisis in the country's history, but the monarchy always seems to recover. The recovery came during the rule of great monarchs: the kings and queens of Britain. Among them was a great leader — Queen Elizabeth I.

Elizabeth I was Queen of England and Wales from 1558 to 1603. When Elizabeth was born, her father Henry VIII, was angry because his new child was a daughter — he wanted a son. He executed Elizabeths mother and married again. He sent Elizabeth away from him. Elizabeth was unhappy. Although, she was good at school. She spoke French, Latin, Greek and Italian. She also loved the theatre, but in the 16th century there were no actresses — men played all parts.

Elizabeth's half-sister, Mary, became queen in 1553. She was a Catholic. She put Elizabeth in prison. When Mary died, Elizabeth became the first Protestant queen. People wanted her to marry and to have children. They thought she needed a man to help her. She was secretly in love with a man called Robert Dudley, but she never became his wife.

Elizabeth was a great queen. She organized her government and England became rich and strong. There were wars — Spain tried to invade England. But there was also a long period of peace. Elizabeth was a successful woman in a man's world. She died in 1603.


to suffer some serious crisis — переживать серьезный кризис

to recover — выздоравливать

to execute smb — казнить кого-то

a half-sister — единокровная сестра (по матери или отцу)

to be secretly in love with smb — быть тайно влюбленным в кого-то

rich and strong — богатый и сильный (-ая)

to invade smth — вторгаться, захватывать

a long period of peace — долгое время мира

a successful woman — успешная женщина

in a man's world — в мире мужчин

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