My plans for the future / Мои планы на будущее

My name is Svetlana. I am a student. I study in Donetsk. I am 19 years old. I am a student of the third year of study. I have a lot of plans for future. And my first dream is to graduate from the university and start working as an economist. My future profession is my own choice. I study with pleasure. I would like to earn my own money and become more independent.

Nowadays everyone dreams about a successful career. I also want to become a very good economist. I like to communicate with people, so I will be happy to organize and lead a project in the sphere of economics. I am also fond of foreign languages, English and German. I plan to visit Germany and the USA in order to practice my language skills and learn something new about the customs and traditions of these countries. I want to see the famous Statue of Liberty and other places of historical interest with my own eyes.

When I succeed in my career, I plan to create a family and have children. My parents have three children. I think we are a united and friendly family. Each evening we gather together in our kitchen and discuss our plans for the next day. I also would like to have such family traditions that will unite my family. If I realize all my plans, I will become happy. And then, perhaps, I will plan something new for future.


to graduate from (the university) — заканчивать (высшее учебное заведение)
would like — хотел бы
independent — независимый
a career — карьера
successful — успешный
to communicate — общаться
to be fond of smth — увлекаться чем-либо
customs and traditions — обычаи и традиции
to realize — осуществлять

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