My summer holidays / Мои летние каникулы

I am a student. Every day I have to visit classes and do my homework. I work hard to achieve my aim. I want to become a teacher of biology. Sometimes I get tired and need a good rest. Then I meet my friends and we have a lot of fun. But the best me to rest is my summer holidays. When summer comes, I can meet my friends every day. I can visit my relatives more often. We may talk for hours, discuss our family life and plans for future.

I have a lot of hobbies. They are music, nature and communication. In summer I have more time for my favourite music and may listen to it for hours. Almost every summer I spend in the village, where my parents live. I try to help my parents with the house work and spend with them my free time. In my native village I have a lot of friends. With some of them we studied at the same school and still have common interests and hobbies. In the evening we gather together, go for a walk or organize a party.

When I am in the village, I like to observe the life of animal and plants. It is interesting and useful for me. And when I spend time with my friends, we usually go to the river, lie in the sun, do sports and have a lot of fun. After my summer holidays I am full of energy and desire to study further.


hard — тяжело
to achieve — достигать
to need — нуждаться
communication — общение
favourite — любимый
to gather together — собираться вместе
to do sports — заниматься спортом
desire — желание

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