The mass media in Ukraine / Средства массовой информации в Украине

The mass media play an important role in our life. They inform us about different events that take place in our country and in the world. They also entertain us and help us to change our life for the better. The mass media give us different kinds of information: news, weather forecast, horoscopes, review of books, etc. We can not imagine our life without the mass media today because information is very important in the modern society.

TV and radio programmes, and newspapers that give reliable information about important events. They are always popular. Many magazines and newspapers also contain information about unusual events, amazing facts, funny stories, sensations. Many people like this kind of information as well. A lot of newspapers and journals are usually well illustrated. They try to choose interesting photos and pictures for their articles.

As for me, I like to read newspapers and watch TV programmes that pay attention to the most important problems of the society. Among such problems may be problems in health care, education or corruption. But I do not like to watch and read an advertisement. I think there is too much advertising in the mass media. Though some of the firms advertise their goods in a funny way and their advertising may entertain.

I am sure, the mass media are an important source of information in a modern world.


the mass media — средства массовой информации

weather forecast — прогноз погоды

reliable — надежный

an article — статья

to entertain — развлекать

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